Study shows Block22 will have ample parking

  Tuesday, February 6, 2018 2:00 AM
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Pittsburg, KS

Study shows Block22 will have ample parking

When plans to turn four historic buildings in downtown Pittsburg into a living-learning community for Pittsburg State University students began circulating, they were met with excitement and anticipation.

With nearly 100 students living at Fourth and Broadway, Block22 would significantly transform the downtown district.    

One question, though: where is everyone going to park?  

“The parking question is something that came up almost from the very beginning,” said Shawn Naccarato, PSU’s chief strategy officer. “Block22 would not only house 100 Pitt State students, it would also feature several professional offices and several new dining options. We knew that having sufficient parking for all of the increased traffic would be vital to the project’s success.” 

To help answer the parking questions, the City of Pittsburg, in partnership with PSU, conducted an extensive study of downtown parking availability. What they found is good news for students and the general public alike.  

“There is more than enough parking for everyone,” said Daron Hall, Pittsburg city manager. “We studied this topic from all angles, at all times of day, and we are very confident in saying that we’re good to go. I think when people think about parking downtown, they only think of Broadway or the side streets. The truth is, we have nearly 300 off-street parking spots available within a block of Block22.” 

Of those nearly 300 off-street parking spots, 100 will be reserved for PSU students living at Block22.  

“If you look at an aerial view of Downtown Pittsburg, you’ll see four large parking lots within a block of Block22,” Hall said. “We are going to reserve 25 spots in each of those lots for the students who live at Block22. The spots will be clearly marked so the students and the public know that those spots are strictly for Block22 student residents.” 

University Housing will issue students living at Block22 parking tags that indicate they are Block22 residents. Those students will be encouraged to park in those reserved spots whenever possible.     

“We’re incredibly grateful to the City of Pittsburg for working with us to develop this Block22 parking plan,” Naccarato said. “We believe that this plan will enhance what is already shaping up to be a transformational, exciting downtown living experience for Block22 residents.”      

Hall said that the four parking lots involved, even with 25 reserved spots in each, will continue to offer more than enough available parking for the public. 

“All of our research into this issue showed us that we could reserve 25 spots in each lot and still have plenty parking available all day and night,” Hall said.  

The Block22 parking plan is part of a broader, comprehensive transportation plan that the City of Pittsburg is developing to accommodate the changes coming to the downtown district. That plan includes a shuttle between downtown and PSU’s campus, bike lanes, and various changes to alleys and roads.  

City officials said details of the comprehensive transportation plan will be announced within the next few weeks.  

Block22 is slated to open in August. For more information about Block22, visit