Wood tech jobs in high demand

  Friday, February 24, 2017 2:00 AM
  Science and Technology, News

Pittsburg, KS

Wood tech jobs in high demand

More than 30 companies from the woodworking industry were at Pittsburg State's Kansas Technology Center this week for the 10th annual Wood Tech Company Day. Companies from across the United States were here looking for potential hires and interns. 

"To put this in perspective, we have about 50 students in our program," said Assistant Professor Charlie Phillips. "More than 30 companies were here for this event, and many of them are looking for multiple hires and internships. There is a high demand in our industry, and there is a high demand for PSU students." 

Bob Langridge of Stiles Machinery said that PSU wood tech students are prime candidates for wood technology jobs because of their extensive educational experience.

"The program at PSU is unique because you have the full processing setup right here," he said. "When students graduate from the PSU wood tech program, they have had experience with many if not all of the major aspects of the industry. They are ready to be professionals from the moment they finish school.

"That's huge for the industry because there is a high demand for well-trained professionals," Langridge said. "This is an exciting industry, and it's ripe with opportunity."

Chris Hartzler of Architectural Components Group said his company has attended Wood Tech Company Day for four years.

"And we've had some very good hires from this event," he said. "I'm very impressed with the PSU students, from the freshmen up to seniors. They're intelligent, mature and they're ready to make a real impact in industry. I don't know of any other program like this in wood technology. What Pitt State has here is impressive and rare."